Artist Don Favelli Releases Genre-Defying New EP,
Emerges as Distinctive Voice In Hip Hop

SAN DIEGO, CA December 1, 2023 / -- In a world dominated by musical conformity, Don Favelli emerges as a distinctive voice with his new EP "Please Advise." Comprising seven tracks that challenge the norms of contemporary rap, this sonic odyssey is a defiant and genre-defying journey.

“Please Advise is not just about resisting decline; it's about injecting life and authenticity back into the art form,” said Favelli

Favelli fearlessly embraces the dual meaning behind the EP's title — a tongue-n-cheek dismissal of backhanded compliments and skepticism, offering a resounding ‘middle finger' to doubters. Simultaneously, "Please Advise" extends a genuine request for guidance from true supporters in an era marked by oversaturation and declining originality in hip hop. This EP stands as an earnest call to those who appreciate substantive rap and diverse sonic experiences.

"In this ever-expanding realm of musical tastes, the burden doesn't fall solely on the creators; it's a fusion with the listeners and consumers whose palettes continue to diversify across genres," Favelli added. "Now, more than ever, we need hip-hop artists who can skillfully navigate and bridge that evolving musical landscape."

"Please Advise" paints a vivid soundscape, reflecting Don Favelli’s artistic versatility and melodic wordsmithing. From fashion-infused percussion inspired by New York Fashion Week to a dedicated hometown anthem weaving personal narratives, the EP navigates the emotional spectrum. Addressing heartbreak, the nuances of single life, and the complexities of falling in love, "Please Advise" is more than an album — it's a self-reflective journey. Venturing into afrobeat influences, the EP showcases a commitment to breaking musical boundaries. Each track boasts a distinctive sound, yet the project remains cunningly cohesive, mirroring Don Favelli’s search for direction and culminating in a resounding plea: "Please Advise."

The new EP has one released music video for the single “City Is Mine” found on Don Favelli’s YouTube channel, with several others in pre-production.

About Don Favelli.  Don Favelli, a melodic wordsmith, draws inspiration for his music from a lifetime of global travels, infusing each lyric and beat with a broad worldview. Once found on the basketball courts of Georgia State, he seamlessly transitioned from athlete to artist, bringing versatility and substance to his music. Through his music, he's on a mission to elevate both the Favelli family name and his hometown San Diego into global hip hop prominence. As the Founder and CEO of Favelli Enterprises, he transcends the role of an artist, wielding his business acumen in publishing, apparel, and multiple business operations.